Envirall is a

Environmental Consultant PRO.

PRO stands for Professionalism, Provocation, Proactivity, and Progress. At Envirall we have the capacity and the motivation to help others companies to be better in order to improve the world. We do so with the commitment, creativity, and enthusiasm needed to lead change.

Who’s behind envirall?

Hello! I’m Paula Baldó and in 2013 I created Envirall in order to be able to to dedicate myself to what I liked the most, but without having to trample on my values. (which I had no choice but to do when I worked in different consultancies).

As an environmentalist specialising in environmental management, my goal was to become a quality, innovative and creative sustainable consultancy. And that’s how we are at Envirall, we devote ourselves to each project with care and professionalism in order to become part of the change and help other businesses become sustainable (without falling into greenwashing) and transform businesses, to help make the place we live in fairer, more humane and, of course, more sustainable.

If you are one of those companies that not only wants to look sustainable, but you want to be sustainable. We are looking for you, you are exactly the client we like and want to work with.

And if you’ve come this far looking to look sustainable, maybe we’re just in time to convince you to want to be!

I’ll tell you a few things about myself:

  • I studied Environmental Sciences in León.
  • I did a Masters in Environmental Management.
  • I have worked in different consulting firms, companies and as a freelance on multiple projects until I launched Envirall.
  • I am more of a feminist since a boss told me that I was paid less than my partner because I was a woman.
  • I love combining various disciplines and creativity to make unique and unrepeatable projects.
  • There are few things I enjoy as much as public speaking and sustainability training.

We are not traditional, but we are not novices either

We are a consultancy that has been innovating in sustainability for more than 10 years.

Sustainable projects

satisfied customers

transformed companies

greenwashing detected

Our values

A company without values is like a world without trees. And these are ours.

In every project we work on we give 100% of ourselves to transform your ideas or intentions into real actions, in the short, medium and long term.

And we always do it from the ethics, authenticity, adding value and creativity, love for a job well done and, unsurprisingly, in a sustainable consultancy firm, withsustainability, thinking about the environmental part but also about the social part.

Do you like our values? We will understand each other!

  • Ethical – 100%
  • Authenticity – 99%
  • Creativity – 90%
  • Adding value – 87
  • Pursuit of excellence – 85
  • Sustainability – 100%.